RMB WineX 2020 – Wine in Your Own Time

RMB WineX 2020

RMB WineX is one of the leading wine shows in South Africa, welcoming thousands of guests to their event every year. But as we know, 2020 is a bit different and so is WIneX. Instead of going to the show to try the wine, they are encouraging you to #wineinyourowntime by buying the wines, tasting them at home with family and friends and watching one of the excellent videos they’ve made featuring some of South Africa’s top winemakers talking about their wines and tasting them alongside you.

These videos are a brilliant resource for any student of wine and we highly recommend watching them and tasting along with the winemaker as they help you understand more about the terroir and flavours of your favourite wines.

Further information can be found at www.winex.co.za