By using our website, you agree to these Terms & Conditions in full; accordingly, if you disagree with this disclaimer or any part of this disclaimer, you must not use our website.

1. Bookings and Payment.

  1. WSET Levels 1 to 3 bookings will only be accepted via our website
  2. WSET Level 4 Diploma bookings will only be accepted on valid forms with signed/agreed student declaration.
  3. Places will only be confirmed once payment is received in full.
  4. Course payments made from overseas accounts must be received into our bank account in the South African Rand course equivalant with all banking fees for the student’s own account.

2. Cancellations by IWEC.

  1. We reserve the right to cancel courses for any reason.
  2. In the event that we cancel a course prior to the date starting, we will notify all concerned parties as soon as possible and refund any monies that have been paid to us in respect of said cancelled goods and/or services. We cannot be held liable for any interest that may have been payable on said monies in the interim period nor can we be held liable for any loss or compensation resulting from the cancellation of said goods and/or services.
  3. Monies paid from overseas will be refunded at the current exchange rate or the exchange rate on the day payment was made, whichever is the lesser.

3. Cancellations by students.

  1. Cancellations of confirmed places on WSET Levels 1 to 3 are accepted up to 10 working days prior to the start of the course.
  2. Cancellations of confirmed places on WSET Level 4 Diploma are accepted up to 20 working days prior to the start of the course.
  3. With respect to 3.1 and 3.2, a charge of R1,000 plus the cost of any additional study materials which may be applicable will be deducted in each case and the remainder of the course fee paid refunded to the payee.
  4. If a confirmed course booking for WSET Levels 1 to 3 is cancelled during the 10 working days prior to the start of the course, or a confirmed course booking for WSET Level 4 Diploma is cancelled during the 20 working days prior to the start of the course, or if any course is cancelled at any time after the start of the course, no refund or transfer of the course fees will be made.
  5. In certain cases where we deem it appropriate, we may offer some or all of the retained funds against courses re-booked within one calendar month, and to take place within six calendar months of the scheduled date for the cancelled booking, subject to availability.

4. Course Transfers.

  1. Transfers of a confirmed booking either to another course or applicant can be made up to 10 working days before the course start date on payment of a R1,000 charge plus the cost of any additional study materials which may be applicable.
  2. Transfers cannot be carried forward to the next academic year and are subject to availability.
  3. No transfers are available for WSET Level 4 Diploma students.

5. Examinations and Certificates.

  1. Examination dates are fixed to the course onto which you book. In certain cases for WSET Levels 1 to 3 it maybe possible to change, please contact us for further information and costs.
  2. WSET Level 4 Diploma examination dates are fixed worldwide and cannot be changed.
  3. Students must notify us at least 10 days prior to any WSET Level 1 – 3 exam if they would like to postpone or not be able to attend and we will look to reshedule. Any postponement or cancellation within 10 working days prior to an exam will incur a cancellation fee.
  4. A daytime physical South African postal address is required as certificates with lapel pins for successful students are sent by a courier service which has to be signed for upon receipt.
  5. If you require your certificate with lapel pin to be sent outside of South Africa, please contact us as there will be an international courier fee.
  6. If your certificate and pin is returned uncollected, you can either collect it from us in Cape Town or we can send it via a local courier service at an additional cost of R150.
  7. If you believe that you have grounds for requesting a reasonable adjustment of exam conditions due to any disability or difficulty which may place you at a disadvantage, it is your responsibility to inform us in writing at least 5 weeks prior to taking the exam so we can liaise with London and try to accommodate your needs.
  8. Re-sit examinations costs are not included in the initial course cost. Please contact us for details.

6. Distance Learning Courses (Online Courses).

  1. The costs for the course materials and certificates for successful students on distance learning courses are included in the course fees when sent to a destination address within South Africa. If they are required outside of South Africa, please contact us as there may be an international courier fee.
  2. Wine and spirits are not included in the cost of online distance learning courses except for tasting tuition days and examinations.
  3. The course is delivered Online and in English therefore basic computer literacy, internet navigation skills and a good level of English is required.
  4. Students will require access to a computer with the following minimum requirements; Internet Explorer 9 / Firefox 25.0 / Safari 6 / Chrome 30.0 or other HTML 5 compatable web browser with Java Script and cookies enabled, Adobe Reader XI or equivalent and internet access (broadband recommended).

7. Gift vouchers.

  1. We commit to honouring valid gift vouchers purchased through our site.
  2. The nominal value of such vouchers is set at £0.0001. Some vouchers may be subject to expiration clauses in which cases this will be made clear to the purchaser prior to the voucher being purchased and on the voucher itself. The expiration date only relates to the date of booking or purchase, not the date of any event.
  3. We reserve the right to declare gift vouchers null and void if we suspect any fraud, theft or other illegal activity.
  4. In cases where gift vouchers are not honoured, such as cancellation of an event by us, the gift voucher will remain valid for future bookings subject to any expiration date applicable to the voucher.
  5. In cases where the value of the booking is less than the full face value of the gift voucher, the balance will remain valid for future bookings subject to any expiration date applicable to the voucher.
  6. We regret that we cannot offer refunds on gift vouchers once purchased unless in exceptional circumstances to be determined by us.
  7. No discounts apply to gift vouchers unless specifically decreed by us.

8. Alcohol.

  1. We do not serve alcohol to guests under the age of 18.
  2. We reserve the right to request identification and eject anyone from our courses whom we suspect to be a minor. In these cases, no refunds will be offered.
  3. Students under 18 years of age are permitted on the course and are required to have parent consent but will not be permitted to taste alcohol.

9. Diversity and Equality Policy.

IWEC is committed to upholding the principles of diversity and equality in all areas of its work, seeking to ensure that all students and other stakeholders are always treated fairly and equally. IWEC assures equality of opportunity for students by:

  1. Ensuring that the format and content of all specifications, examinations and other WSET Awards materials do not discriminate unlawfully against anyone on the grounds of disability, age, marriage and civil partnership, gender reassignment, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation (having regard to the legal minimum age for the retail purchase of alcohol and assessment competence standards).
  2. Allowing students with special educational needs, disabilities or temporary injuries to access WSET assessments without changing the demands of the assessment in line with our Reasonable Adjustment and Special Consideration policies.
  3. Ensuring that this policy is considered during the development of new qualifications and other WSET Awards projects.
  4. To have a diversity and equality policy in place which promotes open access to WSET qualifications.
  5. Collating and monitoring data on candidate age, gender, ethnicity and access arrangements, which are reportable in a non-attributable format.
  6. Inviting feedback on diversity issues from students and other stakeholders.
  7. Working with relevant organisations as appropriate to develop measures to identify and prevent inequality of opportunity.
  8. Reviewing this policy regularly to ensure it continues to meet legislative and organisational requirements and is fit for purpose

IWEC assures equality of opportunity by considering applications from any organisation or individual who can demonstrate that they meet our approval criteria. We do not give any one provider exclusivity to offer our qualifications in a defined territory or region. Note to Student Students who believe they may have been unfairly discriminated against by an Approved Program Provider (APP) should raise this with the APP concerned in the first instance. This policy must be made available to students upon request.

10. Our Details.

The International Wine Education Centre is run by Cathy Marston and Kevin Marston
128 Ladies Mile Service Road
South Africa
T: +27 (0)82 764 0680