WSET Level 2 Award in Wines - Flash Cards

The IWEC has written Flash Card questions to help our students pass the WSET Level 2 Award in Wines exam.
The Flash Card questions are not endorsed by WSET but are based on the WSET Level 2 Award in Wines syllabus and are organised into sections that correspond to the course text book “Wines: Looking behind the label”.
The Flash Cards are available to any student to access online for a fee of R250 for a limited period alternatively they are FREE to students currently studying through the IWEC for their WSET Level 2 Award in Wines.

After payment has been received, simply log back in to this page and the ‘Table of Contents’ below will be links to each set of Flash Cards.

Table of Contents

Section 1: Wine and the Consumer
1. Tasting and Evaluating Wine
2. Pairing Wine and Food
3. Storage and Service of Wine

Section 2: Factors Affecting Wine Style and Quality
4. Grape-growing and Related Labelling Terms
5. Winemaking

Section 3: Grape Varieties and Still Wines
6. Pinot Noir
7. Zinfandel/Primitivo
8. Riesling
9. Chenin Blanc, Sémillon and Furmint
10. Chardonnay
11. Sauvignon Blanc

12. Pinot Grigio/Pinot Gris
13. Gewürztraminer, Viognier and Albariño
14. Merlot
15. Cabernet Sauvignon
16. Syrah/Shiraz
17. Gamay
18. Grenache/Garnacha
19. Tempranillo
20. Carmenère, Malbec and Pinotage
21. Cortese, Garganega, Verdicchio and Fiano
22. Nebbiolo, Barbera and Corvina
23. Sangiovese and Montepulciano

Section 4: Other Styles of Wine
24. Sparkling Wines
25. Fortified Wines