WSET iPhone App

WSET-iPhone-APPIan Harris, Chief Executive of the WSET said "The WSET Wine Game is extremely addictive as points are accumulated as you play each level but at the same time it increases your knowledge of wine regions around the world. It is suitable for everyone from people with no prior wine knowledge to those who are currently studying or require a refresher, it’s fun and informative and that was always our aim."

You simply tap the screen where you think each bottle should be placed to zoom in and release to confirm you are happy with your selection. There are six main levels currently developed, all of which increase in complexity to further test your knowledge of wine as you progress through the game.
There is a specific time limit of 60 seconds for each level, with ten wines in each to try and place correctly. Within each level you are asked to decide what country, region (eg. the South of France) or sub-region (eg. Bordeaux) you think the wine originates from. The labels presented to the player are from a vast database, so you will be be tested on a random selection every time you replay the game.

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