The Most Common Questions


Are WSET qualifications recognised outside of South Africa?
Do I have to start with WSET Level 1?
Which course should I attend?
What if I do not drink wine?
Can I attend if I am under 18 years old?
Where are your courses held?
Can I join a course if I live outside of South Africa or not in a major city?


What is the course pass mark?
How are the exams marked?
When will I know my results?
What do I receive when I pass?
When can I resit my exam if I am not successful in passing?
How much does it cost to retake an exam?
Can I retake an exam that I have already passed in order to achieve a better mark?
What if I have a disability or other difficulty that may impact on my exam performance?


Are there any discounts or bursaries?
Can I pay by installments?
Are there additional costs?